Grants Management Services



No Name Storm.

Need we go on?

When Florida has been slammed, we’ve been there to help manage the contracts, compliance and concerns of recovery.

And, they are many.

Clean up and housing. Rebuilding and reimbursement. Redevelopment and reconstruction. When a disaster strikes, there is a specific process required.

But, other federal grants have similar regulatory processes. Community Development Grants, Revitalization of neighborhoods and businesses. All are held to similar circumstance.

These are all held to stringent federal rules and requirements. We have successfully executed and successfully passed the audits that are part of the process.

We don’t leave ‘til the paperwork is done.

  • Grants Eligibility, Intake, and Monitoring Services
  • Post-Award Compliance Reviews
  • Program Audit Support
  • Grants Administration Support
  • Grants Writing Assistance
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Services
  • Housing Rehabilitation Services

  • Commercial Revitalization Services
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Assistance
  • Davis-Bacon Labor Standards Assistance
  • Sustainability and Environmental Services Assistance