Water, Wastewater Utility Management

GSG provides full service management for the Florida Governmental Utility Authority, a large and dispersed portable water and wastewater service provider located in 14 Florida counties serving 120,000 customers in 82 utility systems including MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.

We know utility management.

But we know a whole lot more. Below is a bulleted list of the services we provide, but every consultant will give you a similar list. And, they’ll give you a handful of case studies and a lot of generic text about utility management.

We’re different.

It’s not just our experience or the fact that our project managers and leaders have been government staff—which means we know the unique challenges you face. The utilities we work for will tell you that we’re thorough and efficient; that we anticipate their needs and design solutions for their unique circumstances.

Yep. Different.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Water-Wastewater Contract Management Oversight
  • Utility Construction Management & Inspection Services
  • Key Performance Indicators and Performance Management
  • Utility Capital Program Budget Development and Management
  • Utility Customer Services and Billing
  • Military Utility Privatization Services
  • Real Estate acquisition, easement, title and Surveying Services
  • Utility Shared Services Support

  • Financial Management and accounting support services
  • Financial Reporting
  • Audit Coordination Services
  • Delinquent Account Support
  • Payroll Assistance
  • Budget Development and Management Services
  • Grant and government loan/debt management
  • AWWA Water Audits and Loss Control Programs

Financial Management Consulting

You have Finance Directors and Budget Analysts and Controllers and Accountants. They work for you every day to ensure you properly and consistently manage the public funds entrusted to you.

They know your systems. We know a lot of systems.

Because we’re inside outsiders; that is, we’re your analysts who aren’t there every day (unless, of course you need us) we provide the benefit on knowing your system and scores of others. Because we do, we can anticipate challenges, refine processes and identify opportunities that may not be obvious to others.

Resources are limited. Challenges are significant. Still, services are essential.

We get it. We get it in ways that most cannot because we have been there.

That’s why our collective experience helps us craft solutions that work for your specific community. Alternatives. Options. Innovations.

We got your back, but we also can help plan and fund your future. We’ve designed more than 250 assessment programs that have passed both challenges and votes. When a program makes sense and meets the requirements of the law…it is a policy that makes sense.

  • Alternative Funding Strategies
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Service Delivery, Governance and Operational Modeling Analysis
  • Management Audits and Reviews
  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Finance Transformation and Change Management Strategies
  • Cost Optimization Services
  • Internal Service Fund Analysis and Rate Setting

  • Cost Allocation Services
  • User Fee and Rate Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Staffing Assessments, Workload Analysis and Resource Allocation Services
  • Municipal Bond Rating Agency Support
  • Internal Control and Assessment Management
  • Billing and Customer Data Analytics

Special Assessments and Support

GSG is known throughout Florida for our service delivery and funding analysis. Using a variety of approaches, GSG has prepared and executed more special assessment programs than any other consulting firm in Florida including 160 local governments and more than 100 fire departments.

GSG is a designated special assessment expert by the Florida Circuit Courts and frequently serves as an “expert witness” for special assessment programs. In fact, GSG provided the expert testimony in the special assessment case which set precedent in Florida Law. We develop special assessment programs compliant with state law mindful of potential challenges.

We know the law. We helped write it.

Yes, we’re outstanding in the field, but more than that our customers tell us that they appreciate:

  • Having a clear plan with benchmarks and deadlines
  • Never feeling left alone
  • Knowing they can get us on the phone any time
  • Knowing their assessment is challenge-ready
  • Clear and understandable presentations

GSG offers several fire assessment methodologies, including the long-standing, Court-approved, “historical demand” methodology and the two-tiered, “availability/protection from loss” methodology.

  • EMS Tax Assessments
  • Fire Assessments
  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Roads Assessments
  • Solid Waste Assessments
  • Stormwater Assessments

  • Water-Wastewater Assessments
  • Neighborhood Improvement Services
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program Management Services
  • Underground Utilities Services

Information Management

It’s not sexy, but it is essential. Information management and its impact on other programs within a local government is often underappreciated. Yet, the information management strategies that are possible are based on established and maintained systems.

GSG has provided revenue and reimbursement services for over 85 programs statewide including Property Appraisers and Tax Collectors.

In fact, because of our experience statewide, GSG was asked to help the Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR) with the design of the record layout for non-ad valorem assessment record keeping.

No other consulting firm can make that claim.

  • Database Management Services
  • Assessment Database Maintenance
  • Web-based Database Application Services
  • Property-Parcel Roll Certification
  • GIS Mapping, Development and Analysis
  • Project Management Services
  • Data Analytics

Grants Management Services



No Name Storm.

Need we go on?

When Florida has been slammed, we’ve been there to help manage the contracts, compliance and concerns of recovery.

And, they are many.

Clean up and housing. Rebuilding and reimbursement. Redevelopment and reconstruction. When a disaster strikes, there is a specific process required.

But, other federal grants have similar regulatory processes. Community Development Grants, Revitalization of neighborhoods and businesses. All are held to similar circumstance.

These are all held to stringent federal rules and requirements. We have successfully executed and successfully passed the audits that are part of the process.

We don’t leave ‘til the paperwork is done.

  • Grants Eligibility, Intake, and Monitoring Services
  • Post-Award Compliance Reviews
  • Program Audit Support
  • Grants Administration Support
  • Grants Writing Assistance
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Services
  • Housing Rehabilitation Services

  • Commercial Revitalization Services
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Assistance
  • Davis-Bacon Labor Standards Assistance
  • Sustainability and Environmental Services Assistance